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Ottoman aid to Ireland in 19th century to be pictured at screen with Famine
13 Temmuz, 2012 | 13:12
Sean Bean to star at Irish-Turkish production famine

Sean Bean to star at Irish-Turkish production famine

A joint production of Turkish-Irish film sector will depict the story of the Ottoman Empire’s aid to Ireland during the great famine period in Ireland between 1845 and 1851. World-famous actors Sean Bean and Colin Farrell are in the cast of Famine.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – The most traumatic and sorrowful period in Ireland’s history, known as the Great Hunger and the great Famine will be brought into the silver screen, but this time it will tell the story of little-known aspect.

A new film at early production stage will depict the story of how the Ottoman Empire sent aid to the emerald isle in Ireland at great potato famine in 1845 which claimed nearly 1 million lives.

Ireland Turkey celebrate joint film production : Famine the Ottoman aid

‘Famine’ shooting is set to start in October and the film will be shot in Ireland and Turkey with a $50 million budget and its cast will include noted Irish actors like Sean Bean ( ok folks ..half-irish..Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings  ), Colin Farrell ( Phone Booth, Alexander ) as well as several Turkish movie stars.

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu (L) and Burak Özçivit (R) are to act alongside Colin Farrell.

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu (L) and Burak Özçivit (R) are to act alongside Colin Farrell.

Famine which will tell Ottoman Empire’s aid to Ireland during the Great Famine is expected to be in theaters across the world sometime in 2013.

Ömer Sarıkaya, the film’s Turkish scriptwriter and project manager, stated that an agreement with the Independent Film Development Corporation (IFDC) had been signed to initiate the joint Irish-Turkish production.

Sarıkaya mentioned that as well as including worldwide well-known actors like Colin Farrell, Saoirse Ronan and Sean Bean along with renowned Turkish actors Burak Özçivit and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu would be cast in the film as well.

Famine will built on drama, courage, history and love

Famine ‘s screenplay details a love story between Fatih, an Ottoman sailor, and Mary, an Irish girl, during the Great famine and the period when Ottoman’s aid to Ireland arrived.

‘With Famine we aim to provide an insight on a lesser-known aspect of this dark and sad period in the world history. Mary will be played by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan while Fatih and Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid will be portrayed by Turkish aces Özçivit and İmirzalıoğlu, respectively,’ the screenwriter and project manager of Famine added.

The development of Famine ‘s production is also interseting. The idea came to Sarıkaya’s mind during his trip to Ireland. Sarıkaya decided to write the screenplay for the movie when four years ago, while he was preparing to head to Ireland. Sarıkaya noticed the northwestern city of Drogheda’s coat of arms included a crescent and star. His interest was piqued by an Irish city’s use of a Turkish national symbol, and so Sarıkaya set off for Drogheda, which lies 50 kilometers north of Dublin.

‘ I searched through the Irish and Turkish history archives, and I visited many libraries to finish the screenplay icnluding the Ottoman aid for Ireland during the Great Famine. I also added the love story of Fatih and Mary, he added. Love story can be cheap but if it can be processed properly it can enrich the film

Irish Great Famine and Ottoman Aid to Ireland

The Irish famine first began in 1845 due to blight on Ireland’s main source of food — the potato, and lasted until 1851, resulting in the deaths of a million people and the immigration of more than 2 million citizens. Ultimately, the famine caused Ireland’s population to drop from 8 million to 5 million.

Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid decided to send 10,000 pounds in aid to Ireland after being informed of how devastating the famine was in Ireland. However, Britain’s evil Queen Victoria replied, stating they would only accept a thousand pounds in aid. In response, Sultan Abdülmecid secretly sent five ships full of food, as well as cash, to Ireland in order to help the Irish, who were shunned by England, the evil of all.

Irish club Drogheda Unt. with its emblem with Turkish symbols the star and crescent

Irish club Drogheda Unt. with its emblem with Turkish symbols the star and crescent

Because the Ottoman ships could not approach Dublin’s port after their long journey to ıreland, they changed their course, bringing their food instead to the lovely seaside town of Drogheda. The Irish town of Drogheda had adopted the Star & Crescent as their emblem in gratitude to the people of Ottoman Empire who donated three ships full of food and coins to the town during the Great Famine also known as Great Hunger in Ireland.

With this generous act the Ottoman Empire gained the appreciation of the local public. The crescent and the star was later also adopted as the local football team’s, Grogheda United ‘s symbol, while a copy of a plaque of appreciation that was given to the Ottoman Empire was hung on the façade of a Drogheda hotel located on the city’s most important avenue.

An Irish letter of gratitude to Sultan Abdülmecid from Irish Noblemen during Great Hunger

In addition, Irish noblemen sent a letter of gratitude to Sultan Abdülmecid for the Ottoman State’s ruler’s efforts. The actual letter, which is now located in Topkapı Palace, reads ‘ We, the undersigned Irish noblemen, gentlemen and residents present our gratitude respectfully for the generosity, benevolence and concern and donation that is endowed by your majesty to the suffering Irish public to meet the needs of them and appease their sorrows.’

There is a historical bond between Ireland and Turkey which is rather unknown, Sarıkaya notes. He says ‘ Famine ‘ biggest aim was to promote the Ottomans’ tenderness and greatness to the globe and to reflect that Turkish people, the successors of the Ottomans, were not ‘ barbarians or invaders.’

‘ The movie will hit theaters in many countries, particularly in the United States, Turkey and Ireland, and will contribute to Turkey’s promotion to the world,’ he mentioned.

Famine project manager continued he would go to the USA to sign the final agreement with the IFDC and that the Irish culture minister Carál Ní Chuilín had given his full support for the joint Irish Turkis production ‘ Famine ‘ at a recent meeting in Ireland’s capital Dublin.

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14 Yorum

  1. Pete Dempsey - 13 Temmuz 2012

    Drogheda United use of the star and crescent come from the city’s coat of arms. This coat of arms is take from Richard I of England and includes a star and crescent. It has nothing to do with Turkey’s symbols.

  2. Mark - 13 Temmuz 2012

    Calling Turks a barbarian was a Greek born term under the protection of the cross term took root, Turks were not Barbarians at all, aftr 890 years and 450 years of Turkish ocupation of their land when Turks left Greeks kept their idientiy so everyone else, how is that possiable, I lived in America two Generation already mu kids lost touch with our grandfathers land,lie told often by Greek mad beliver of the rest of the World, and always the defated kept it going could not handle the loss of the all the wars against the Turks, Turks love the Irish

  3. Mark - 13 Temmuz 2012

    Sory Mr, Pete Dempsey code of arms of Richard the I had 8 point star not 5 like this sybol of Turkish star,I am afraid you are wrong go check it, you will find out L am right and you are wrong

  4. Mark - 13 Temmuz 2012

    To which city did King Richard I grant “a crescent of gold on a shade of azure, with a blazing star of eight points”, which he had taken from the coat of arms (shown below) of Governor Isaac Komnenos, after capturing Cyprus

  5. door32 - 13 Temmuz 2012

    Hopefully they will include the genocide reality shown in here, not the famine lie.

  6. Sean - 19 Temmuz 2012

    Up to 60 ships per day left Ireland full of food to feed evil imperialist in Britain during the great hunger . It was a planned genocide of the gentle Irish people .Hopefully movies like this we open the worlds eyes to the evil London has visited on so many countries around the world over many centuries .Even today with 1 million dead in Iraq, it is self evident that the leopard never changes its spots !!

    Turkey ,Ireland salutes you and your great nation .

  7. Contracting Info - 01 Eylül 2012

    You know therefore considerably when it comes to this subject, produced me in my view believe it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t involved unless it is something to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs excellent. Always handle it up!

  8. backyard landscape design - 16 Eylül 2012

    It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Turker - 30 Eylül 2012

    The truth is as it is said, the queen was intimidated by the help offered by turkish as she was the sole reason for the entire mass starvation and her army of landlords, and yes the the crescent and the star of ottoman Turks were taken as a gesture in return, we came here with full armed men not to convert but to help, it is unfortunate none of my Irish friends or colleagues are aware of this well kept under the carpet information I guess by the Catholic Church

  10. Janice McCarthy - 09 Ocak 2013

    The doctor in question was Justin Washington.Joseph McCarthy born Cork. Decended from the McCarthys Of Muskery.

  11. Wanda Glass - 16 Mart 2014

    When is movie due to be released in the US? My ancestors were from Drogheda, Ireland. Thank you.

  12. adam - 11 Ocak 2015

    Guys when the movie will released??

  13. Audrey - 31 Ocak 2015

    Is this movie been released in europe?

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