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Prince Harry saves Polo playing businessman from certain death
04 Nisan, 2012 | 14:18
Prince Harry to the rescue - Prince Henry the Knight at your service

Prince Harry to the rescue - Prince Henry the Knight at your service

Prince Harry to the rescue: Quick-thinking, army trained Prince Henry of Wales uses first aid techniques to save polo rival who fell from his horse.

London / NationalTurk – As a polo player lies unconscious after a fall, who do you call for help ? The first to rush to his assistance was his opponent Prince Harry. The 27-year-old prince rushed to the aid of a rival polo player who was knocked off his horse during a recent charity match in Brazil.

Prince Harry to the rescue – Prince Henry the Knight at your service

The 27-year-old prince of Wales immediately leapt from his horse after businessman Bash Kazi crashed to the turf following a collision with two other riders.

Harry, who has learned first-aid techniques in the Army, gently rolled the stricken rider on to his side in the recovery position.

And when Mr Kazi came round, his royal rescuer helped him to his feet.

Prince Henri of Wales is fabulous and a gentleman and saves people from death

Businessman Bash Kazi told  The Washington Post he was thrown to the ground after three horses collided. Harry, he said, “was the first one off his horse, doing the right thing, turning me over to make sure I regained consciousness.”

Kazi, 41, praised the prince as “a fabulous person” and “such a gentleman.”

The two were taking part in a polo match to fundraise for Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale, during the prince’s visit to Brazil last month.  The incident occurred last month in Campinas, Brazil, where Harry and Mr Kazi were playing in a match to raise funds for the prince’s charity, Sentebale, which helps children in the poverty-stricken African kingdom of Lesotho.

But Prince Harry’s heroic actions do underline a very serious point: when accidents happen, particularly on a sports field, someone needs to have the confidence and skills to step in immediately and help. Simply laying someone on their side so they can breathe properly is good first aid and could save that person’s life.

‘We know the public are often misled into believing that first aid is complex and difficult to learn, but learning the basic steps that can save someone’s life is easy and something can be applied by anyone .

Prince Henry of Wales, Prince Harry as he is most commonly known and called, is third in the line of succession (behind his father and elder brother) to the thrones of sixteen independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, UK.

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  1. Barbara - 18 Nisan 2012

    Stephanie..although we may have a strong bond csabuee of the NKTOB thing…we don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the royal brothers. Is it just me or does Prince William look a little like his father? *cough, cough* unattractive!

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