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The wait is over, the election campaigns are fought: Today the Scots vote in a referendum on secession from the United Kingdom. You should say no.

'No' supporters hold banners after a 'No' campaign rally in Glasgow

The wait is over, the election campaigns are fought: Today the Scots vote in a referendum on secession from the United Kingdom. You should say no.

No one should be able to say afterwards that Scots were not warned. Shopping in the supermarket is expensive, clothes anyway. Loans, phone calls, postage stamps – all unaffordable in an independent Scotland. And also the sky collapses. At least.

The scare tactics of the supporters of the United Kingdom in this election campaign was partly grotesque. Many Scots are therefore say today to the referendum certainly yes to independence. And who will blame them?
But the Scots should – despite the understandable anger – not decide with the belly. Therefore, the decision is too important. This vote applies to talk to David Cameron, “forever”.

From a German perspective the matter is clear: It would be a shame to Britain. Very sad even. Sure, on the continent, the British suffered more than to be loved. But the British play an important role in Europe and the world. You have something to offer, want to contribute. They serve as a model for a cosmopolitan, liberal multicultural society.

An independent Scotland would be in danger, however, einzuigeln itself. Smug would be content to manage its oil wealth. Even in England the isolationism would increase, grab the Little-Englander mentality of the right-wing populist UKIP around. Both are not in the spirit of Europe.

Nationalism and sectionalism belong to the last century. This is true even if they are represented by sympathetic Scots. No one needs a border across the island. As harmless as he is always represented, Scottish nationalism, moreover, is not: The emotionally charged campaign has mobilized ugly anti-British feelings.

Scotland Independence Referandum:The British have learned their lesson?

From an economic perspective, the cleavage appears completely useless. The Scots are doing well. Scotland is to the southeast of England, the most prosperous region of the island. Significant areas of everyday life are already regulated by the Scottish Government. After the referendum Edinburgh to get more autonomy, including in the economic and fiscal policies.

It is hoped that the British government learns her lesson from this referendum. The separatist movement is fed by a widespread London-fatigue. Not only in Scotland, and in Northern England and Wales, the capital is perceived as a black hole that absorbs all economic and political activity.

If the Scots UK therefore now give one more chance, the mission is clear: The government in London in 1997 has chosen path of federalization continue to pursue.

In the end of the day “Strong Together Better Together” dont vote a uncertain future.

Alp Darici / NationalTurk


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