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Sexy Mexican parliamentarians Crystal Tovar Aragón’s mini skirt was the problem of the country / Showbiz News
24 Mayıs, 2013 | 15:58

Tovar Latino Crop

Crystal Tovar Aragón 23 year old parliamentarians in Mexico She is so cruel criticized for mini skirt and lovely legs.(Photos)

One of the members of Mexico’s House of Representatives has aroused the concerns of her fellow lawmakers, thanks to her choice in clothing…or lack thereof.

Photos of Crystal Tovar Aragón, a 23-year federal congresswoman, wearing a revealing short skirt created a stir in the Mexican media and on social media sites, prompting a fellow congressman to call on Mexican media outlets to behave respectfully and ethically in their treatment and portrayal of lawmakers.

Tovar Aragon

“We strongly appeal to the media to contribute to the construction of a democratic country and promote an equal relationship between women and men, through messages that eliminate discrimination and violence against women,” said José Gonzalez Morfin,

Users on Facebook and Twitter were split between Tovar’s right to wear whatever she likes and the argument that she should dress more respectfully while in office.

“Do not complain about wearing miniskirt,” wrote Twitter user @pitufotote. “Complain of bad taste of the PRD deputy.”

On her professional Facebook page, Tovar rebuked the controversy and said that her clothing choices have no impact on how she represents her constituents.


“We are free to dress as we please, this has nothing to do with the skills and intellect we each possess!” she said.

Tovar’s resume includes time spent at the School of Accounting and Administration of the Autonomous University of the State of Chihuahua, where she held a position at the school’s government council.


Crystal Tovar Aragon is one of the youngest members of the legislature and her sexy style of dress has raised camera lenses and eyebrows since taking office, with critics arguing that the lawmaker is disrespecting victims of domestic violence, using such “pieces of cloth” to garner “15 minutes of fame.”

Besides her sultry looks, some of her fellow lawmakers have also voiced concerns about her age – arguing that she is too young to hold office, even as they proposed reducing the eligible age to run for office from 21 to 18.

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  1. william parkison - 25 Mayıs 2013

    i se nothing wrong with her outfit its her job performance that should be what she is judged by

  2. Ismael - 23 Ağustos 2014

    esta vieja me para la verga

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