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Terim goes to National team and Roberto Mancini new coach for Galatasaray ? / Breaking News
22 Ağustos, 2013 | 17:11


Fatih Terim was contacted by the Federation to fill the role of ct Turkey, thus being able to free the bench Galatasaray, In addition to the “Mancini” but there is free Hiddink who knows better the environment Turkish.

Fatih Terim was contacted by the Turkish Federation to fill again the role of the coach of the national team after the former coach of the now well-served given via a press release: “Abdullah Avci leaves the country with a consensual agreement with the Federation. We thank him for his work. ”

To do quickly to limit the damage of what was done in the qualifiers for the next World Cup and groped all out to regain ground and at least the second central place in the group D qualifying.

The former coach of AC Milan and Fiorentina is in the crosshairs having previously coached the national team with good results in the period 2005-2009 and it would be the ideal person for this mission as well as motivator for the entire team.

Fatih Terim

Terim will however leave the Galatasaray since they do not they will be given two hats having to focus solely for the purpose of qualifying for the World Cup final. The “Lions ” would remain so without technical, and to deal with a Champions Unal Aysal and partners do not want to entrust the team to the first foundling.

One of the names of eligible candidates for the succession Terim (if they agree to return to National) is precisely that of Roberto Mancini, without a club since last May after the exemption from Manchester City (a championship is not yet completed) following the end of Fa Cup defeat by Wigan.

For the former Inter would be a really great opportunity and still have players in the squad respectable as Drogba, Sneijder, Muslera, Eboué, Felipe Melo, Haltintop and many others. In the race, however, and Mancini, there is Guus Hiddink who knows better the environment turkish having himself been ct National ottoman as well as having coached Fenerbahçe in the early days of his career as a coach.


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