Turkey Prime Minister Erdoğan condemns Israel over aid ship “massacre”

Erdoğan condemns Israel “massacre” : The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has heavily criticized and condemned Israel’s “attack” on the “humanitarian aid ships” traveling to Gaza during his speech at the Justice and Development Party (AKP) group meeting.

The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has heavily criticized and condemned Israel’s “attack” on the “humanitarian aid ships” traveling to Gaza during his speech at the Justice and Development Party (AKP) group meeting.

Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan describes the Israeli raid on the humanitarian aid ships as a "massacre"

The Prime Minister as expected, heavily criticized Israel on the raid of the Turkish led Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip and called the bloodshed a “massacre”.

The Prime Minister also called for the support of the international community on the attacks on International waters and said “during war, children should not be attacked, during war women and the elderly should not be attacked, during war civilians and religious men and women should not be attacked, during war people showing the white flag should not be attacked. We are not in war and those who attack the list which I have just specified are not only acting against the laws, they are standing on humanity, they are inhumane.”

The Prime Minister continued, “Even rebels, bandits and pirates obey these rules, and calling those people who do not obey these rules rebels, bandits and pirates is showing them courtesy.”

Bellow is some of the headlines from Prime Minister Erdoğan’s speech.
“I am appealing not only to my people in Turkey but to all humanity. I am openly appealing to the conscience of all humanity and I want to openly share my feelings with you.”


The circled area was where the Mavi Marmara and the Flotilla were raided by Israeli Forces

“The humanitarian aid ships travelling to Gaza could not accomplish their goal. Yesterday morning, The Armed Forces of Israel, attacked the ships sending humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip. The blood of innocent people was shed. “

“The bloody massacre by Israel on the ships sending humanitarian aid to Gaza deserves all the coursing which it gets. The attack was openly committed towards international law; it was committed to the conscience of people, it was done against world peace.“

“I am saying the attacks were committed against the conscience of the people, as the ships were carrying people from all nations and all religions, with the sole purpose of trying to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza people who have been suffering from a blockade. Before the ships were boarded, the aim of the ships and the aim of the people on board were declared to the world press. As witness to the aid, 60 members of the press also boarded the ships.”

“The Turkish Republic, is using all the International laws and diplomacy possible to and will continue to do so.”

“Israel has told us that they will send the injured back to us, but we have rejected this and said that we have the power to get our own injured back to Turkey.”

“Israel must immediately lift the inhuman embargo on the people of Gaza. They should not try to stop the humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.”

“To slay innocent people, to treat civilians like terrorists is degradation in the eyes of humanity and wretched recklessness.”

“World piece has received a major blow. The reckless, unlawful attack by the Israeli government must be punished.”

“Rather than waiting for an investigation from a government which has made lying a state policy, the international community should investigate the attack.”

“Turkey is not an adolescent rootless country. It certainly is not a tribe country. No one should try to test the patience of Turkey. However much Turkey’s friendship is valuable, Turkey’s hostility is as powerful. Loosing Turkey’s friendship on its own is a price to pay.”

“They are denying, they are saying they were fired on first. We are sick and tired of your lies. Be a little honest. The ships, personnel and volunteers should be released immediately. No one has the right to accuse the volunteers, MP’s and the 60 journalists of travelling outside of the fact that they were taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. This attack has once again showed the inhuman persecution the Palestinian people have been suffering.“

Israeli soldiers on Mavi Marmara“I said before, they know very well how to kill. They have shown the world how well they know how to kill and massacre people once again. You even handcuff those who are injured and lying on stretchers. Is there any explanation for this? There is no way for them to explain these inhuman actions to the international community. Just to curse them is not enough. We have to get results.”

“They should know that one day, justice will prevail and not power. “

“Whoever turns a blind eye to the bloody attacks they should know that they are also part of the bloodshed. We once again saw that the issue (Israel’s politics on Hamas led Gaza) is not war on terror or against terror, it is an issue of trying to massacre the people of a city.”

“You experiment with phosphorus bombs on these people, you bomb hospitals and mosques, you even aim at a United Nations Office. As if this is not enough, you leave those people without the basic needs to survive.”

“You will even show your inhuman brutality to those who are trying to send humanitarian aid to help those people. Everyone can shut their eyes for the lawless behavior. I am openly saying. They can receive insidious support for their actions by others. But Israel should not make the mistake of putting Turkey in the same shoes of others.”

“They should not make that mistake, the price will be heavy. Israel’s attacks on Open waters 71 miles away from their land openly show that they have chosen isolation.”

“If everyone stays quiet, shuts their eyes and turns their back, we will not be turning our back on Palestine; we will not be shutting our eyes.”

The Prime Minister’s comments have been interpreted as very aggressive and condemning of the actions by Israel. Another very important comment the Prime Minister made was when he said “today is a new day, and nothing will be the same (with Israel).”

This historic speech by the Prime Minister was seen as a milestone as such condemnation and accusation by such a senior member of any government was not heard during out of war speeches in a very long time.

The United States have also been criticized for not openly condemning Israel’s actions on the raid of the Flotilla of non military ships on International Waters.

A demonstrator who NationalTurk spoke to after the UN condemnation and statement of the Israeli attack said “When the South Korean warship was attacked in disputed and hostile waters; the United States supported an independent investigation, so why is it when civilian ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza is attacked by

The Heron model Unmanned stealth military plane which Turkey purchased 10 from Israel for an alleged $183 million

The Heron model Unmanned stealth military plane. Turkey purchased 10 from Israel for an alleged $183 million in 1998. It is also alleged that arms deals are continuing between the two country's despite the fallout.

Israeli Armed forces on International waters that the investigation is held by Israel. Why is it not an independent investigation? Why does the United States not support an independent investigation?”

However, not all of what Erdoğan said was supported. Some politicians belonging to the Republican People’s Party, the main opposition of the government have condemned the continuing arms deals with Israel which is alleged to be close to a billion dollars.

One member of parliament who belongs to the opposition party said “We do not agree with all the Prime Ministers thoughts, what is he going to do about the arms deals with Israel which in retrospect have partly financed the attacks on the Palestinian people?”

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  1. Dr. Anwar Ul Haque June 1, 2010, 8:38 pm

    Congratulations for calling spade a spade! Israel is the mother global terrorist. There should be an independent inquiry and a life for life and an eye for eye as prescribed in Torah given to Prophet Moosa (PBUH)

  2. A perfect reaction from Turkey, this is exactly how Israel should be lashed after Flotilla attacks. Turkish Prime Minister’s speech was bold and stern, which might look out of place to some, however Israel itself asked for this. Kudos to Turkish stand!

  3. The Ambassador of Turkey has got all backward about the ship. The fundermentals or orchaasstrateethe ship wanted a provication and under Islam death is nothing for the sake of Islam. TheIsraels used paint ball rifles and had side arms accoding to the reports. It was certainlynot by any stretch of the truth a Massacre. Humanatariam aid does flow all the time through Israel.
    Perhaps if you had 7000 rockets fired into your country you would also si and do nothing.
    srael values your friendship as I do as an ordinary american.
    thank you

  4. What Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should do is board a vessel with a bar of chocolate in his pocket, float to Gaza and hand it to the first kid he sees.

    Let Israel detain that.

  5. Marty, just a word for you. I’m sure it is very difficult to see Israel becoming such a target. But when will you accept that Israel has failed to manage the situation in the Middle East? It has failed. UTTERLY FAILED. I’m sorry but it’s true.

  6. Mr. Erdogan, thank you for speaking out. My government would say no more than to call the hostage’s release “sensible”. Stay strong in the information battle ahead! You speak for more than Turkey alone.

  7. You hypocrites, your fanatic Islamic prime minister has murdered Ata Turk’s heritage and leading Turkey to be fanatic country backing terror organizations and countries (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran etc) . “YOU SHOULD NOT MURDER” He preaches Israel which is fighting plans of destructions and another holocaust – shame on you! How many millions Armenians and Kurds have you murdered till these days? Forget being a part of Europe – go back to Barbarism

    Enough with islamic lies – the turkislh “humanitarian” ship was orgnaised by Turkish terror group (financing Alkyda) and tens of Shaids (paid) terrorists on board

  8. Dr. Anwar Ul Haque is a member of IHH – Islamic terrorist

  9. I love how you sanctimonious Zionazis/Zionists condemn Turkey, only when they stand up to your injustice and inhumane treatment of Palestinians….. Prior to all of this, Israel has been one of Turkey’s most staunchest allies! Why have the Zionists been best buddies with Turkey for so many years? Why the sudden change of heart and concern about Kurds and Armenians?? Please spare me the phony concern for Kurds and Armenians, you hypocrites. Where have you been for so many decades?! Do not besmirch us by using us as tools in your effort to commit genocide on the Palestinians!

  10. Dr. Anwar Ul Haque January 1, 2012, 2:15 pm

    I am not member of any IHH organization, I even do not know what it stands for. Islam is most anti terrorism. Islam means peace and obedience to Allah and that is 180 degree opposite to terrorism. This is the precise reason Terrorist hate Islam and doing 9/11 etc to defame Islam



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