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Turkey wants Fair Play in football, the video that went viral
10 Mayıs, 2012 | 15:44
Turkey wants Fair Play in football

Turkey wants Fair Play in football

As Turkey still discusses the aftermath of TFF’s penalties on match-fixing case, a video from Turkey pleading with Uefa for taking necessary action where TFF fails to take, went viral on social media.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Turkish people want necessary measures to be taken or penalties to be given in the match-fixing case, that is still shaking the football-crazed country. After the Professional Football Discipline Committee (PFDK) of TFF has cleared all 16 Turkish teams involved in the match-fixing scandal on last Sunday evening, many Turks start taking initiative and urge UEFA to take the matter in his own hand.

Read what penalties TFF has given to clubs and individuals involved in match-fixing !

A video with the tag ‘ Turkey wants Fair Play ‘ in football, where young and old, men and women, football fans and football avoiders gathered under Turkish Fair-Play platform sign a football and send it to European Football’s governing body UEFA went viral rapidly :

Dear Mr. Blatter, Dear Mr. Platini, Dear FIFA and UEFA officials;

You have not prevented abuse of football and ethics in Turkey for the last 10 months. Here is the result:
Turkish football is corrupted. Match-fixing has been legalised. The criminals have been rewarded; The victims have been sanctioned.

Remember FIFA and UEFA ethics and objectıves. Remember FIFA disciplinary code art. 70/2! Remember UEFA statutes art. 2/2! You have the right and obligation to intervene directly in the abuse in Turkey. Apply disciplinary sanctions immediately. Punish the guilty clubs and save the rights of the innocent ones!
And save Turkish football!

Turkish Fair-Play Platform

Turkey Wants Fair Play Video

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