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Turkish Football Federation ‘s new boss : Ex Besiktas chairman Yıldırım Demirören
27 Şubat, 2012 | 14:12
Turkish Football is in the hands of Demırören !

Turkish Football is in the hands of Demırören !, Yes, he indeed did silence everybody this time

Yıldırım Demiroren, former chairman of Beşiktaş, business man and fresh media tycoon became the 41th president of Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

ISTANBUL / NationalTurk – Beşiktaş Chairman Yıldırım Demirören is the new president of the Turkish Football Federation,
Demirören became the TFF’s 41st president after receiving 221 out of 253 votes in todays meeting.

Yıldırım Demirören ran in the presidential elections as the only candidate for the TFF presidency after his rivals failed to secure the support of delegates during the extraordinary TFF congress, which was convened to elect a new president. Ata Aksu withdrew his candidacy early on Monday to avoid a new controversy in Turkish football, which has been going through tough times due to match fixing case recently.

Turkish Football is in the hands of Demırören !

New TFF boss Demirören pledged to work for the betterment of Turkish football after formally declaring his candidacy for the TFF presidency last week. ‘ My only aim is for us to come out of this chaos unscathed, without hurting anyone or upsetting any person or team,’ Demirören stated.

Bursaspor officials left the building following the voting, claiming that Demirören was not a candidate that would remain “at an equal distance” to every team and that “chaos would increase.” However Galatasaray have supported the new TFF boss Demıroren, despite declaring its discomfort afore the elections.

Besiktas fans are overjoyed

A disliked figure along most Besiktas fans, Demirören declared yesterday he granted the money Besiktas AS owes him after his eight-year stint as Beşiktaş president had been concluded with his new title as TFF Head.

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  1. entreri - 28 Şubat 2012

    ı am just happy that Besiktas is finally saved from this monster, well at least for now..ı dont care and give a rats ass what will happen to Turkısh football, other teams fans had been teasing Besiktas fans because of Demıroren, yet these clubs have supported this imbecile for presidency. Its now their problem, may the force be with Black Eagles..

  2. Sezar - 28 Şubat 2012

    Wait us San Marino, wait us Faroe Islands!

    We are coming…

  3. Nazim - 11 Mart 2012

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