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Turkish journalist İlhan Selçuk died
23 Haziran, 2010 | 11:02

Turkish journalist İlhan Selçuk(85) died on Monday.

İlhan Selçuk has been in intensive care with a brain disease and recently suffered a stroke. He died of multiple organ failure.

Born in the western province of Aydın in 1925, Selçuk graduated from Istanbul University’s Law School in 1950 and started writing for various magazines and newspapers. Throughout his long career, İlhan Selçuk wrote numerous books and novels.

Selçuk was the chief editor of daily Cumhuriyet. He was one of the oldest columnists in Turkey. Many of Selçuk’s friends and colleagues gathered at the building housing daily Cumhuriyet after they heard the news.

His funeral is planned for Thursday and he will be buried in the town of Nevşehir, next to his brother Turhan Selçuk, a highly regarded caricaturist who also died recently.

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  1. Cumhuriyetci - 29 Haziran 2010

    Seni cok ozleyecegiz.

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