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Who will be the next England manager as replacement of resigned Fabio Capello ?
09 Şubat, 2012 | 17:43
Hot seat : England Manager, back to basics ?

Hot seat : England Manager, back to basics ?

FA Boss Bernstein prefers an Englishman or a British person to fill the England manager role but when he added they want ‘the best person’ as the replacement of resigned Capello, this is not an option anymore.

London / NationalTurk – England Football Federation FA is not prepared to rule out any possible candidate for England manager at this stage, as Fabio Capello resigned shochingly, yet not unexpectedly.

Fabio Capello Resigns, his replacement as England manager is hot topic in the island

The Fabio Capello replacement or more importantly the new England manager, who will coach the England National Team in the Euro 2012 this June is unkown yet, but some names are suggested bt British sports media as it is the usual scenerio in such a case.

Fabio Capello had some difficulties with the English language as it was admitted by the FA Chairman ‘The language barrier with Mr Capello has been there but it was at minimal level, certainly telephone conversations were not the easiest but we got by OK over the last few years.’

Reflecting on Fabio Capello’s decision to resign over the FA’s ruling on John Terry’s captaincy without consulting Capello at all, FA boss Bernstein claimed that backing [ John Terry ] “clearly wasn’t helpful.”

“It did give the impression of a conflict of difference of view between the manager and the board,” he stated.

FA: No rush to replace Fabio Capello for England manager vacany

The head of the English Football Association said he will not rush to hire Fabio Capello’s successor ahead of this year’s European Championship.

“We will put a short list together of key people,” FA chairman David Bernstein said.

“Everyone’s focus is on Euro 2012 and our objective is to recruit a manager and go to Poland and Ukraine, perform well and achieve success,” added Adrian Bevington, the managing director of the national team.

Harry Redknapp as England National Team Manager to lead the team Euro 2012 ?

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, cleared yesterday of tax evasion, is the favorite to replace Capello, while England under-21 coach Stuart Pearce will take charge of England’s next friendly against the Netherlands on Feb. 29. The FA may choose to appoint an interim England manager for Euro 2012

Terry Venables is also among the candidates for the next England manager. His tenure as England manager lasted 2 years, after he stepped dowd in 1996 as he had stand down after the Euro 1996 tournament because of several upcoming court cases.

Former Chelsea and Turkey National Team manager Guus Hiddink is also a serious candidate for the hazardous job of being the England manager.

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