American Idol Top 10 – Didi Benami voted off

Didi benami, the 23-year-old waitress from Los Angeles was voted off American Idol Top 10 on Wednesday nights show while Tim Urban is second from last for two weeks in a row.

Benami on Wednesday nights American Idol elimination show - Photo By: Fox TV
Benami on Wednesday nights American Idol elimination show - Photo By: Fox TV

Benami was heavily criticised for her performance of ‘What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted’ by Jimmy Ruffin where Kara even said “you lost your vision since hollywood week”.

Benami was not save by the judges even as the audience shouted for her to be saved. Benami looked almost as she new she was being sent home as the cameras were constantly showing her weeping.

After the news of her elimination Ryan Seacrest said “You are a very brave young lady,”.

Benami had dedicated the son she sang yesterday to he deceased room mate who had urged the 23-year-old to enter the American idol competition.

Joining Benami in the bottom three were 17-year-old high school student Katie Stevens and 20-year-old college student Tim Urban, who was also very awful on Tuesday nights show.

Katie Stevens did not deserve to be in the bottom three, but after a certain point viewers start to like a certain contender and whether they perform good or bad they just vote for them as they are now fans. I suppose Katie is not as interesting as the other contenders as Simon Cowell put it “personality is very important at this point of the show”.

The judges were very close to using the save option but Benami did not do enough for them to use the controversial option. But can you really blame Benami, she is sensitive as it is and with a loved one who recently died how can you expect Benami to say anything, let alone sing, or plead to be saved.

Next weeks show will have The Beatles Lennon/McCartney theme while the guest judge will be Rihanna and will also perform her new single “Te Amo.”

Predictions American Idol Top 9– I think Casey James will do particularly well with the theme so long as he chooses an appropriate song and Cyrstal Bowersox will also shine as usual.

I do not see Katie Stevens or Siobhan Magnus opening any eye’s but I also have doubts with Big Mike singing a Beatles song and getting the crowed happy as he has done in the past. But as with all the contestants it is the song choice that will make or break their day. Another very impressive Idol hopeful to look out for is Lee Dewyze who’s performance of “Treat Her Like A Lady” by The Cornelius Brothers was seen as one of the best of American Idol Top 10. Garcia, I have question marks about because his performance of Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ was very liked and it would put him on a high but Garcia dose well with songs he’s trained with from what I see as he turns the song “into his own”. Can he do that in under a week? We will have to wait and see.

Tim Urban I do not want to talk about as he will “smile and people will vote for him”, full stop.

Leave your comments and thoughts on the article and who will do well on next weeks American Idol Top 9 show, bellow.
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