Angela Merkel hits record popularity in Germany with 81% / EU News

Angela MerkelOver 80 % of Germans support and approve of Angela Merkel’s performance as chancellor, a poll shows. As most of Europe struggles with fading economics nearly three-quarters of Germans judge 2012 to have been a good year. EU News

BERLIN / NationalTurk – The Politbarometer monthly survey reveales that a record 81 % Germans of those asked thought Angela Merkel, who will seek a third term in elections in 2013, was doing her job at the helm of Europe’s top economy “if anything, well”.

62 % are the same opinion of the work of the coalition government so far — its highest approval rating since it took power in 2009 — compared to 30 % who said it was performing “if anything, badly”.

Additionally some 40 percent of people said they would vote for Merkel’s conservatives if elections were to be held Sunday, marking their best score in the poll since the last elections.

Thirty percent of those polled suggest they would vote for the main opposition Social Democrats, while 36 % stated they would prefer its candidate Peer Steinbrueck as chancellor, the poll for ZDF public television showed.

Angela Merkel was the preferred head of government for 54 %

And 72 % said 2012 had been “if anything, a good year” on a personal level and 27 percent expect an improvement next year.

Merkel has said she wants her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to continue governing with the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) after elections next September.

But the FDP only scored four % of German voter backing in the poll which would preclude it from parliament by falling below the required five percent threshold.

The poll was conducted by phone among 1,280 people between December 11 and 13, just after both the CDU and SPD had held their political party conferences in the northern city of Hanover.
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