Ballermann singer Alex Zapata is dead

With his songs he created a good mood on Mallorca. / Alex Zapata is dead

Now the fans have to mourn Alex Zapata: the singer died unexpectedly at the age of 52. / Alex Zapata is dead

“Let’s Go: Season 2022. My new song ‘Mallorca Mallorca’ is in the luggage,” announced Alex Zapata on Instagram in the spring. For many years, the singer has performed at the Ballermann, entertaining the party people with his songs. At the beginning of July he shared recordings from the Balearic island. But the latest post on his account leaves the fans concerned: Alex Zapata is dead.

“Torn from Life” / Alex Zapata is dead

He died unexpectedly at the age of 52. “Torn from life. And then hung on machines for the whole week,” reports his wife in a 17-minute video. The pictures show her sitting on the beach with friends. It is dark, a heart of candles can be seen in the sand with a photo of the deceased in the middle.

She does not give details of the exact circumstances of death, only says: “Today I let him fly.” Everything happened very quickly and Alex Zapata “slept peacefully”. Her husband loved the time in Mallorca and recently said again and again: “If I die today, I’ll die the happiest person.” That he was on his favorite island when it happened gives her some comfort.

“Krümels Stadl” and fans mourn

After the poignant words, everyone raises their glasses to Alex Zapata, sharing memories and listening to his songs. His best-known songs include “A Rock in the Surf”, “Reunion” and “Himmelsreiter”. Alex Zapata had been appearing in Mallorca since 2018, creating a good atmosphere on Playa de Palma and in cult bars like “Krümels Stadl” in Peguera. The operators said goodbye to Instagram.

The singer’s fans are shocked by the sudden death and express their grief with comments on his account. “I’m stunned”, “My deepest condolences” or “I just don’t want to believe it” are just a few of the many contributions to the postings.

In addition to his music career, Alex Zapata has also appeared on German television from time to time. As an amateur actor he worked in various RTL and Sat.1 productions, such as “Richterin Barbara Salesch”, “Suspected Cases” or “Zwei bei Kallwas”. Alex Zapata leaves behind his wife and four children.

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