“Beautiful women” / Nadja and Cosima Auermann inspire with a family photo

This photo shows once again impressively that she takes after her mother. Cosima Auermann published a portrait of the two for her mother Nadja’s birthday.

She was the German supermodel of the nineties: Nadja Auermann. For five years now, however, her daughter has also been generating increasing enthusiasm. Because Cosima takes after her mother. Above all, the big blue eyes – one of the unmistakable Auermann trademarks – cast a spell on the model, who is almost 26 years his junior.

“I do think there are similarities. Maybe the eyes, but I think also the temperament. I think she enjoys portraying herself and she enjoys being in front of the camera. That intense gaze,” said Nadja Auermann already told RTL in 2017 when she posed with her daughter at a fashion event.

Cosima congratulates: “Congratulations Mom”

And the two of them can still do it just as gallantly five years later. This time it is a stylish black and white shot that amazes the fans. Cosima shared it on her Instagram account on March 19 – and has meanwhile received numerous compliments for it.

“Beauties”, the fans write there or simply: “beautiful women”. Heart and flame emojis are lined up and the enthusiasm for the mother-daughter team seems great.

The date was also deliberately chosen. The posting is a birthday greeting from the little daughter to the mother. “Congratulations mom, I send you all the love that can be found today,” she writes about the portrait photo of the two. Nadja Auermann turned 51 on March 19. However, the photo does not appear to be new. As can be read from Cosima’s comment, it comes from a shoot that the two did a few years ago for “Barbara Magazin”.

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