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Lieutenant Colonel Yacouba Isaac Zida meets with opposition leaders in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso

After the seizure of power by the military, there are further violent protests in Burkina Faso – but now has elections interim president Zida least announced within three months.

In view of protests against the power of the army in Burkina Faso, the military has promised elections within three months. The vice-commander of the presidential guard, Isaac Zida, which should lead the West African country as interim president, announced a “peaceful, democratic transition” to. In a communiqué Zidas states: “The power does not interest us.” It had been taken over a transition already understandings.

An army spokesman said the military’s goal was to prevent chaos in the country. Protests against the military on Sunday a man was killed. Soldiers gave according to media reports warning shots to disperse thousands of protesters in the capital Ouagadougou. The rally participants demanded that civilians would be involved in power in the country.

Protesters stormed the building of state television. There, the former defense minister and army chief and opposition leader Kouame Lougue Saran Sereme wanted each declare himself president. Kouame was discharged after a short TV-Statement of soldiers; before Sereme could have their say, the broadcast has ended.

The military called the protests irresponsible. Actions of this kind would be prevented with full force.

Even Army chief Honoré Traore said Zida to his support. Traoré had initially raised himself entitled to the governance. However, there were in the ranks of the opposition, strong opposition to him, because Traoré is considered to be a follower of the old governance.

The former President Compaoré had to bow the protests against his proposed tenure extension on Friday. The 63-year-old had come with a coup in the former French colony of Upper Volta to power nearly 30 years ago.

Of the 17 million people in Burkina Faso half live below the absolute poverty threshold. The country is almost entirely dependent on agriculture. Youth unemployment and illiteracy are widespread. In the “Human Development Index 2013” ranks Burkina Faso ranked 181 of 187 countries.

The opposition had celebrated their protests against Compaoré in reference to the Arab Spring hopeful as “Black Spring”. During the demonstrations, including the Parliament building was set on fire and burned down.

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