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The Internet Archive has expanded its virtual arcade massively. Now let hundreds of games from the seventies to nineties play in the browser: “Q * bert” and “Stargate” on “Super Zaxxon” to “Bionic Commando”.

As the meritorious Internet project last October 27 classic games the PC early published – For example for “Choplifter”, “elite” and “Pacman” – the joy was great: Finally these games could without costly and legally problematic emulator -Installation be played easily in the browser.

Now curator Jason Scott has refilled and made ​​901 slot machine games for the browser executable. From the very early games in black and white to the mature titles of the “golden era” is almost everything is what ever in gambling halls – stand – Italian or German beaches and campsites.

Many of the games can be excellently controlled via computer keyboard. But some require special sticks and balls, Rocker and lever – input means, which are difficult to mimic with a browser and desktop.

Arcade Archive:Dive trip in their own childhood games

Emulator expert Jason Scott has mastered an extremely tricky job. The maintenance of software is surprisingly complicated: disappearance readers and exotic controller, some programs can not be used anymore. To a decent software collection therefore includes an equipment pool. Or it must be developed so-called emulators, the old programs may reflect as faithfully as possible on newer hardware.

The problems are many, such as storage media degrade, so that the US Library of Congress has prescribed the preservation of digital media content. To understand the problems of hardware and software-dying, there is important information.

If that does not matter, can experience history and alive – simply by he or she poking around a few lunch breaks in the huge arcade archive of Jason Scott and goes on dive trip in their own childhood games.

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