Bus Shooting Florida:A 13-year-old girl has died after being shot by another student on a school bus in Homestead / US News

Police say the victim’s seven-year-old sister was among witnesses aboard the bus when the shooting took place.

A male student is in custody and police spokesman Detective Alvaro Zabaleta says investigators are talking to him. A gun was also recovered at the scene.

Det Zabaleta said police were still trying to determine a motive.

There were eight other students on the bus, including the victim’s seven-year-old sister, at the time of the shooting. None of the other children were injured.

The victim, who has not been identified, attended charter middle school Palm Glades Preparatory Academy. The victim’s sister went to nearby Summerville Advantage Academy.

The bus driver and the students were taken to the police station to be interviewed. The school bus was not equipped with video surveillance equipment.

About a dozen parents picked up their children early, said Lynn Norman-Teck, a spokeswoman for Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools.

The school principal walked through every classroom shortly after hearing about the shooting to make sure the students were safe.

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