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David Cameron’s Conservatives has most seats – but hung Parliament

Labour have signalled their willingness to stay in power as the voters spoke for themselves which saw David Cameron’s Conservative Party get the most seats in parliament but failed a majority, something that has not happened in 36 years.

General Elections Exit vote Big Ben Video

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A hung parliament occurres when no party in the General Elections win an outright majority, which is 326 seats out of the 650. The Conservative party since 08:30 am Friday morning won 288 seats against Labours 242 seats, while the Liberal Democrats were on 51 seats, with 42 seats still to declare.

British Parliament
British Parliament

It is so far expected that the Conservatives will get around 308 seats at the end of the elections which is still much lower then the majority government requirements.

So what does this all mean?

From this result there are two major options for the Conservatives. Do they form a minority government, which would mean that yes the Conservatives will lead the government but with a strong 242 seat Labour, could wobble the stability of the party with most seats.

How it work?

Usually when a party wins the majority of the polls they are sworn in and while legislations and laws are made, the party in office can get their ideas passed by the parliament with a majority of the seats being on their side.

However, with a minority government, like in the case we are going through in the UK, the government can easily fall with a simple vote of no confidence by opposition parties.

The second option which is the more interesting one is for the Conservatives and other parties will make an alliance in which more then one party effectively rule the government to make a majority.

There is no formal date for an administration to be formed but a key date is may 25 when the Queen’s Speech is supposed to be made on the government’s priorities during the Parliament.

A hung Parliament may also cause problems economically as decisions can be delayed by Members of Parliament making trust in the British economy lower. However it is fair to say that a hung parliament couldn’t have come in a worse time with the revival of the economy back on track.

So with a little bit more insight into the matter, what is to happen next. Well Gordon Brown still remains Prime Minister as a majority was not found, but what Brown can do is form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats which would make the Labour party have more seats then the Tory Party.

Another option would be, it Gordon Brown resigns which I personally do not believe he would do, but if happens then with most probability David Cameron will be invited by the Queen to form a government.

However, things can go even more topsy turvy for the Labour Party if David Cameron forges and alliance with the Lib Dems.

What ever is the result by the end of the month, it is sure that a majority government would have been much more positive for the British government especially in such a delicate time.

There has also been complaints especially in the London area that voters were left outside polling stations after 10PM while some were let inside.

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