Germany: Man stabs train passengers: at least three injured

Three people were injured in a knife attack on a regional train. A plainclothes police officer was able to overpower the attacker.

A man stabbed passengers with a knife on a regional train near Aachen on Friday morning and injured at least three people. The suspect was arrested, said a spokesman for the federal police. The background to the crime and the identity of the attacker were initially unclear.

According to initial investigations, the man in the Euregiobahn RE4 pulled out a knife around 7.40 a.m. shortly after leaving the Herzogenrath station and cut fellow passengers. A federal police officer who happened to be sitting on the train and who was on his way to his office overpowered and arrested the man, the Cologne police said. The three injured are now being treated in hospitals. There is no danger to life.

According to their own statements, the police were at the scene with strong forces and spoke to witnesses. The railway line near Herzogenrath initially remained closed.


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