Togo Withdraw from Africa Nations Cup

Emmanual Edebayor ambushTogo have withdrawn from the African Cup of Nations after a deadly attack on their coach which has left 3 dead and many injured.

Togolese football federation spokesman has said assistant coach Amalete Abalo and press officer Stanislaud Ocloo had died as well as the driver.

The spokesman also added that the reserve goalkeeper Obilale Kossi, was also in a bad condition but is stable after being flown out to South Africa due to heavy blood loss after being shot in the stomach

Friday officials said the bus driver had been killed and nine others including two players were wounded in the 30-minute ambush.

Togo captain and Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor said earlier: “As the captain I can say that if the security is not sure, then perhaps we will be leaving.

“It is a football game and one of the biggest tournaments in Africa, but I don’t think people are ready to give their lives. A lot of players want to leave.”

Adebayor, who joined City from Arsenal for £25m last year, said he also feared the attack would tarnish Africa’s image in the year when South Africa hosts the World Cup.


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