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Glass Art and the beautiful 3D effects of Glass Etching

Art has been around for centuries from small towns of un-heard artists to famous countries where small and huge paintings, sculptures and other types of art have been produced.

A rose etched on glass, with light effects beneath it to make the piece have a glowing effect.

Some of the world’s greatest artists to have ever step foot on earth; Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet and many others all have a common ground in that they gave a unique flavor or sight to their world.

Whether the works or art was a unique expression of historical past, the mental state of production of the art or the unique methods while implementing the art, artists have always tried to show their own view of an art piece to the general public.

With different types of art from all over the world, whether it’s a unique variation of an oil painting to pin art, artists have always evolved their understanding of art and expressed their talents in unique ways.

Glass art has now become a very popular and on demand form of art. Though glass art such as stained glass have been around for centuries, many forms of the art is still surprisingly un-popular to the world audience.

One form of such glass art is Glass Etching.

The art combines sketching via different hard pointed material such as diamond tip material on glass to show a unique view of an image which looks life like and three-dimensional.

But Glass Etching, though looking beautifully life like and adding charisma to the piece is surprisingly un-popular around the world.

Just the pain staking precision and care which one must take to make a glass etching piece is enough to show the beauty and appreciation that the art deserves.

Another important factor of Glass Etching is that one can always put lighting beneath the glass which makes it further more lifelike and all the more eye catching.

I tried Glass Etching myself and I literally spent 2 hours on a small piece of art only to accidently scratch the glass in an unwanted area. Now I was only practicing but think about getting commissioned for a large piece only to spoil it by an accidently move of the diamond tipped brushes.

One artist who has dedicated himself to art and particularly glass etching, Dennis Ozcelik spoke to NationalTurk regarding the pain staking precision and efficiency the art requires to be produced.

Interview with Dennis Ozcelik – For more information on Glass Etching visit

1. How difficult is it to draw on glass?

It’s one of the most difficult surface’s I’ve ever worked on, due to the fact that once you do a line its there permanently and you can’t go back and cover it up. It’s easy to break the glass or even shatter it but with patient’s its worth it. The toll I use for doing it is hard to lose control of and you have to have a steady hand to hold it and control it.

(Though glass can be fragile, with both the write protection it will be the same as having a vase or similar fragile furniture or art work.)

2. What type of people commission you for glass Etching?
People wanting pictures of their loved ones or even a portrait of themselves, and even a picture of there pets. But I have had requests for heart symbol with written words inside to there friends, comic book heroes and even a family which wanted the portrait of their deceased child on glass. But as its new and no one has seen anything like this, there are always concerns about, it but I have orders to be done for weddings.

3. What are the benefits of glass Etching?
It’s a hand made one piece work that you can treasure for a life time. If the glass is mounted on a frame with light it gives a unique colour to the picture or even if its placed some where with lighting, the shadow of the etching on the wall will give it a 3D look. One can even put a candle behind it to give it a warm glow. It will always be a talking point in any house hold as it will be the only one of its kind.

4. What are the techniques involved in glass art?
You would have to know how to shad a work so that you can pick up on the lines or shadows of the drawing to show on glass. It’s not like tracing because you can always show more detail but on glass you have to be careful as not to show to much or it will look like just lines with no picture. I guess what I’m sayings is you have to show what the main picture is with the least amount of lines but enough that you see what the picture is.

5. What motivates you for your art?
Generally what I lived through in life. But the main thing is that I love to just do it, as I always want to see if I can finish what I started. But in saying that what ever mood I’m in; happy, sad or angry it comes out in my pictures as I give so much of myself into it. Feelings and emotions play a big part of my motivation in doing any kind of art that I do, I see a picture or sculpture in my head and I can’t put it on paper but feel it when I do the art and that is what push’s and motivates me.

6. How long have you been involved in art or doing art?
I have been doing art ever since my primary school days at the age of 7 / 8 and have not stopped as I love the feeling it gives me so I would say about 28yrs and it feels like there is so much more I have to do still.

7. Other projects you have been involved in?
When I was younger I did the front drawing of a Turkish mosque for a commissioned project. But I have always tried to get involved in the art media. I have always imputed ideas in any job I was in e.g. covering for catalogues, design layouts, interior design and basic design.

8. What are your qualifications?
I have a BA Honours in Product Design and have been doing art work as far back as I could remember. Art is not just about learning in school or university, I mean it helps but you have to feel it within from the life you live or what you go through in life. I believe you don’t need a certificate to say that you can draw, it only helps with getting a job but art in any form is much more then that it’s a way to express yourself and what you feel, as it will bring joy and happiness to many people that see it.

9. What other forms of art work do you provide for your customers?
At this moment in time I’m only concentrating on the glass work as I feel so strongly for this. But I also do paintings, sculptures (wood or metal and by hand) and pen or pencil drawings. I may do something with the computer but doing art on that is great but its not real art in the sense that it’s there and ready to use it’s not like drawing or painting and giving part of yourself to the art.

Image Gallery of Glass Etching projects by Dennis Ozcelik

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For more information on Glass Etching visit

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