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Greece-Turkey border crossing bizarre events, because of the possibility of war with Syria? / Breaking News


Queues occurred along  15 km from Greece-Turkey Ipsala border checkpoint the reason for the possibility of war with Syria between Turkey.

Good relations between Greece and Turkey also reflected in the tourism sector, made ​​easier transitions between the two countries. But the harder transitions for a few days border checkpoint of Turkey west of the Ipsala.

Greek-Turkish border, especially in the evening it stopped completely, 15 km from the border was about 10 o’clock in the evening the line of vehicles.

This event is due to come into mind has brought the question of  wonder it was a possible war with Syria between Turkey. Greek official border authorities at the border from Turkey or yellow alert for any terror danger passed ?


The Greek government is trying to stop the escape of Turkish citizens in the event of war?

last 3 year inside an the economic crisis  Greek state, why blocking towhy Turkish tourists who  save money for Greece ?

received confidential information from somewhere ?

Greece needs explain about the problem border checkpoint of  İpsala.


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