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Speculation has been rife that Douglas and Zeta-Jones marriage is on the rocks, with the couple not seen out together since April. It has now been alleged that Michael and Catherine have decided to spend time apart.

Thirteen years after saying “I do,” Hollywood couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are taking a break from their marriage.

“Catherine and Michael are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage,” a representative for the actress said in a statement Wednesday.

Michael Douglas, 68, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 43, have not been photographed at each other’s side since April 22.

They decided to separate in May.

The couple’s marriage has reportedly been strained by serious illnesses — Douglas has been battling throat cancer and Zeta-Jones has been receiving treatment for bipolar II disorder.

Douglas’s comments earlier this year that his cancer was caused by the human papilloma virus, HPV, which he says was transmitted to him via oral sex, probably didn’t help their relationship.


Michael, 68, is currently holidaying in Sardinia, while Catherine is in New York with the kids.

Catherine recently admitted she wasn’t spending much time with her husband, fuelling rumours about their marriage.

“Michael’s doing a movie on the East Coast with Diane Keaton, so he’s working,” Catherine told ET Online. “My children are actually at sleep-away camp, so I’m missing them desperately.”

It is too early to say if the couple, who have two children together, are heading to Splitsville.

Neither of them has filed for divorce or legal separation, suggesting there is still hope for reconciliation.

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