Manchester United Transfer: United fans this time want Wesley Sneijder to move to Old Trafford / EPL News

Manchester United is in talk with Inter Milan about Sneijder transfer but the fans do not want as a result in July.

Manchester United fans who are just returning from rehab due to the last episode of Wesley Sneijder, “will he, won`t he” transfer saga, I apologise for resurrecting this particular subject.

However, there is now some truth in the news that Sneijder has emphatically turned down the latest contract terms from his current club, Inter Milan. This is almost purely a financial impasse.

Wesley Sneijder is reputedly on around £200,000 a week. This was the contract that he secured whilst Jose Mourhino was the manager. However, the club, facing the same financial restraints affecting all of Europe, are offering a reduced financial package which has been flatly turned down by Sneijder`s representatives.

The fact that Sneijder is entering the final stages of his current contract has alerted Sir Alex Ferguson. This is because he had an offer of £35m for Sneijder turned down by Inter Milan in the last transfer window.

Now, he can offer much less safe in the knowledge that Inter have to decide quickly to either sell or increase the offer to Sneijder. It may sound fanciful, but clubs like United play this game of brinksmanship all the time with each other.

Many club wants transfer Dutch International Sneijder but just Manchester United are one of the top clubs with the ability to pay the type of wages that Sneijder will command, and with the approval of the club’s legendary manager it a high possibility that the Netherlands international could make the move to England in January.

Do not be surprised to see much more interest in Sneijder from United in the next few weeks leading up to the January transfer window. I would not be surprised to see United make an initial offer around £20m for Sneijder with the savings made going towards his salary requirements.

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