Moscow 2013:Press on the 100-meter final, “The Usain Bolt Lightning has struck again ‘ / Athletics News


It stormed and flashed, but Usain Bolt was not deterred: The sprint star celebrated his 100-meter gold – and the international press celebrates the Jamaicans.

The International Press on the 100-meter gold from sprint star Usain Bolt:


Sport Express: “Oh, Bolt – you are the world, despite heavy rain and headwinds the brilliant sprinter showed his best run of the season – 9.77!.”

Kommersant: “Usain Bolt has even caught up with the frontman of the Moscow World Championships in Athletics did his job well.”.


Daily Mirror: “Usain Bolt grabs the crown in the 100 meters, revealing his desire to be mentioned in the same breath as Pele, Maradona and Ali.”

Daily Mail: “It is not only the performance, guaranteed Bolt It’s the whole package theater, show and charisma…”

The Guardian: “We grew up with Usain Bolt, the Dominator The record breaker The Showman But in heavy rain, and lightning over Moscow’s skyline, we have seen a different side of the greatest sprinter of all time Usain Bolt, the workers….: with gritted teeth to victory. ”



Le Figaro: “The legend continues with this title he manages perfectly the struggle for a new gold triple a..”

Le Parisien: “The Bolt Lightning has struck again.”

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