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Muslum Gulhan: Scolari’s Systematic Incapability Results in This Score

müslüm gülhanNationalTurk Commentator and Halic University Physical Training Head of Department Müslüm Gülhan analyzed Germany- Brazil 7-1 unexpectable match

1- Germany won the match with an unforgettable 7-1 score, could you please analyze the match?

The comment on this match should be done under several different titles. Firstly, we should examine the general truths and wrongs of understanding in football. This World Cup showed us that we need a new football understanding. Secondly, football is not a single way but a two-way of systematic activity. Italy and Spain are the examples for us. A transformation football; Germand and the Netherlands are successful due to their cultural traditions and their system. They made a system with methodological wholeness and a principle between defense and offense.

Especially Van Gaal uses this system successfully because squad profile seems worse than Germany and he is more successful than Löw in couching.

Brazil tries to use this total understanding, however they have a successful squad, they do not have a leader player. This should be solved, they seem too fragile and cannot reach at reality. In the absence of Neymar, responsibility is not taken. Scolari left his team alone.

2- Scolari is turned into a target in Brazil now, particularly his first 11 squad. In your opinion, how did Scolari affect the score?

However Scolari seems as if he gives importance to a whole system understanding, he focuses front system. The understand is not successful in today’s football.

The side management and squad of Scolari brought the failure. The injury of Neymar, the absence of Silva and Alves resulted in this score. Fred and Jo were absolutely not the players of this Cup. The player substitutions, timing and first 11 were bad decisions. Besides, he showed he did not care about Germany with his first 11 decision. He did not properly prepare for the match. He even did not properly prepare for the World cup.

3- The absence of Neymar affected the match, If he was in the match, did you believe the score can be still 7-1?

Neymar was the best player in the World Cup, his absence affected the team.

Despite of his age, he took the responsibility and he did it. Referees did not protect the star players and they deprived him of the most important match.

4- Germany is in the final, can you analyze the championship possibility of Germany?


Germany is the most experienced team in the Cup. They have more advantages, they have been playing together since 2008. Most of them will not play together after this World Cup. Germany- Argentina or Germany- Netherlands matches, both of them can be very exciting but I believe Germany and the Netherlands will be more exciting. I would like to see how Van Gaal manage the final match.

5- How can you analyze Luis Van Gaal’s decision of Tim Krul in Costa Rica match during 120 + 1?

It is interesting, I did the same thing in the final match against France in Italy in Europe Shampionship 2007. Our goalkeeper saved three penalties but we missed more chances that we could be the second team. It was correct decision and technically rich. I see how he is ready for the Cup.

6- Di Maria was injured in the match, Messi is seen as the only hero for Argentina. The Netherlands could not score until 120. Minutes against Costa Rica. What would you like to say about a possible Messi-Robben match, for Argentina and the Netherlands match?

As I said above, the Netherlands is successful in technical wholeness and system, it is an advantage against Argentina.

Di Maria is successful and his absence is a disadvrange. Messi can play in each position with a great responsibilities like Neymar. He has many capabilities but the team is not simila with Messi. Compared with the Netherlands, Argentina has more problems. Not only Robben but Sneijder is playing well but Robben seems more in the matches. Robben’s advantage is being the part of systematic understanding.

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