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France’s new government. At the cabinet table of the ambitious Prime Minister Valls also known socialist and ex-partner of the President will sit: Ségolène Royal is Minister of Environment and Energy.

The new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls can announce with which ministers he will work in the future. Eight women will sit at the cabinet table, including the well-known socialist Segolene Royal. She will take over the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development.

Royal is counted to the left wing of the Socialists and was a candidate in the presidential campaign of 2007. She is the former girlfriend of the head of state François Hollande. The two have four children together and were almost three decades a couple.

Originally from a conservative military family Royal had in recent years in rows have to put defeats and low blows. The “black series” began politically for them with their candidacy in the presidential race, which she lost in 2007 against the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy. All their attempts, then continue to play a leading role in the socialists at the national level have failed – sometimes accompanied by bitter fights with his own party colleagues.

New French Government:Royal presented Hollande long in the shadows

So she had to in fall 2008 in the election for party presidency by only 102 votes to her rival Martine Aubry beaten. Her renewed attempt for a presidential bid in the fall of 2011 ended for Royal bitter: For internal primaries of the socialists they only came to around seven per cent – and had their Hollande’s candidacy and later defeating Sarkozy left.

Hollande and Royal had met in 1979 at the elite elite ENA in Paris. Around a quarter of a century climbed the two ambitious socialist side by side the levels of power. Royal presented their significant but politically a long time in the shadows: So it was in 1992 – in spite of their fourth pregnancy – Minister for the Environment, and later for school and family, while the former Socialist Party leader Hollande never held a ministerial post and long ridiculed in his own camp was.

New French Government:Reduced Cabinet

The new government will be reduced significantly with the reshuffle on Wednesday. So far, 30 ministers were represented in the Cabinet. The Greens did not want to be there in a cabinet under Valls, which is counted to the right wing of the Socialists.

The distribution of other ministries at a glance:

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius retains his portfolio.

Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian also remains at his post.

As the new interior minister, succeeding the previous Valls Budget Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was appointed.

And Finance and Budget Minister, the former Labour Minister Michel Sapin was appointed.

Minister of Economy and industry of the left wing of the Socialist scoring Arnaud Montebourg, who was already Minister of Industry. So far, Pierre Moscovici introduced the important Ministry of Economy. Moscovici will no longer belong to the government.

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