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Obligation to wear masks in the open air in Turkey ended

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca stated that the HES code application has been abolished, “We do not have to use masks outdoors. It is not difficult to wear a mask if the ventilation is sufficient in indoor environments and if the distance is taken care of.” said

Making a statement after the Scientific Committee meeting, Minister Koca said, “We do not remove masks from our lives, we carry them with us to wear them when necessary. They should be indispensable when we are with our elders and those with chronic diseases.”

Stating that the use of masks will continue in environments where the distance cannot be maintained, Minister Koca said, “The use of masks will continue in closed areas where the distance is not maintained, such as airplanes, buses, theaters, cinemas, and schools.”
Regarding the music ban, Minister Koca said, “There is no decision taken by the Scientific Committee in this area, and I am of the opinion that it will be lifted in the near future.”
“Wearing a mask is no longer necessary if the ventilation is sufficient in indoor environments and the distance rule can be respected.” Minister Koca said, “In case of two Kovid-19 cases in schools, the practice of ‘closing classes’ is no longer needed.”

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