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Paraguayan students rebelled against the new education laws / Latin America News

Students of the National University of Asuncion had a fight with the police violent.

Students of the National University of Asuncion keep occupying the rectory and denouncing the riot police attempt to violently evict them, violating the autonomy of the center.

Students demand the withdrawal of the draft Law on Higher Education, which increases the payment of fees to students and facilitates full privatization of education, they said.

Special police forces, accompanied by a prosecutor in an attempt to legalize their action, rushed to the scene ready to forcibly evict students despite the constitutional existence of university autonomy.

The firm position of students prompted the intervention of rector Pedro Gonzalez, who unsuccessfully tried to convince them to abandon their attitude, threatening later on that he could turn to the prosecution and allow the eviction.

The students, while holding up a large Paraguayan flag, closed the main gate of the Rectory and said they will maintain the strike until the withdrawal of the bill, which already has a favorable preliminary approval by the Senate.

In their communique they expressed that, if the law is passed, the access to studies for poor poeple would be even more difficult.

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