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Cristina Fernandez will pay a state visit to Paraguay

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez will pay a state visit to Paraguay next Thursday, the Foreign Ministry here announced.

The Paraguayan Foreign Ministry added that Fernandez is scheduled to meet with her Paraguayan counterpart Horacio Cartes to discuss issues of interest for their two countries.

During Fernandez’ stay in Asuncion, an official ceremony will be held to give back to Paraguay some furniture belonging to Marshal Francisco Solano, ex Paraguayan president killed in 1870 during the so-called War of the Triple Alliance.

The furniture, currently in the hands of Argentinian Entre Rios government, will be handed over to Paraguay,as promised by Fernandez during her previous visit.

The highest level talks coincide with ongoing negotiations by delegations from the two countries about eventual modifications to a Treaty signed 40 years ago about operation and management of the binational water power plant of Yacireta.

A source from the local Foreign Ministry said that issues related to Mercosur, and the construction of a bridge linking the cities of Clorinda (in Argentina) and Ita Enramana, in Paraguay, will also be examined by Cartes and Fernandez. (Prensa Latina)

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