Pope Benedict XVI Regrets Arrest of His Personal Butler

Pope Benedict XVI is very sorry because of the arrest of his butler, Paolo Gabriele, as part of the ongoing investigation by the leaking of secret documents from the Vatican, an official source said Tuesday.

According to the Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, the person under arrest is a known, loved and respected man, who is very close to him (the Pope)

The disclosure of the documents, which was seen by the Italian press as an alleged conspiracy among the so-called “princes of the Church,” has become the biggest crisis of the Benedict´s papacy.


In a meeting with journalists on Monday, Lombardi categorically denied that any Cardinal was involved in the investigation.

He also stressed that the speculations of the media is something that can harm the Church and the confidence in the Holy Father.

Several Italian media, quoting Vatican sources, said the butler is a mere scapegoat to avoid the implication of the cardinals in the scandal of the secret file leaks.

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