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Haluk Koç the deputy leader of main opposition on the Israel crisis

The Israeli attack on the aid Flotilla travelling to the Gaza strip in which, Israel say nine were killed but world press say 19, has easily taken the lion’s share of Monday’s headlines.

haluk__koc_nationalturk-220x220Many people have spoken of the issues from all over the world.

NationalTurk has spoken to Haluk Koç, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Foreign Affairs Minister and the deputy leader of the main opposition Party.

Koç expressed his views and feelings to NationalTurk on the Israeli attack on the aid Flotilla.

Here are the explanations of Haluk Koç.

The Israeli attacks are an unacceptable brutality.
Just like everyone, we are watching the situation closely. An attack on International Waters on a convoy which is trying to send humanitarian aid is unacceptable brutality. The attempt of sending humanitarian aids to the innocent Palestinian people has resulted in Israel being held responsible for deaths yet again.
The explanation of the Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister after the military attacks on International Waters is a one sided explanation and the excuses in behalf of the attacks by the Israeli forces is not acceptable and neither is it very believable. There media sources which are trying to side with Israel by saying that the activists first opened fire and this resulted in the Israeli operation. This incident will be fiercely condemned by both the world community and within Israel itself. There are examples of this in Israeli politics. The incident will be condemned. Israel has seemed to have forgotten the inhuman actions which were inflicted on their own nationals at one point, for them to inflict the same atrocity on the innocent people of Gaza, and this has really surprised the international community.

The Prime Minister was away from Turkey on a Latin American trip. The Prime Minister being away from Turkey for ten days during such important times is not acceptable.

Were people who were left in the middle of this brutality warned by the government?
With Israel’s stance on these types of matters and putting in mind problems that were encountered in the past, with such a threatening country ahead, were the people onboard the ships warned of the possible risks and what their actions should be in such a situation? Because we have knowingly come to this stage. Israel, in these types of confrontations is known for the disproportional power they use. So were the civilians onboard the ships well prepared for such a confrontation. Of course in these types of situations, we must prepare and defend our country’s writes. But we must also ask these question.

Obama’s grief and concern is not sincere
We can see that Turkey has been left under pressure due to a tragic issue. The government has alarmed the United Nations Security Council and NATO. These are right actions. However much Obama could express his feeling to Netanyahu as being grief and concern, in the Security Council when Turkey invites the nations to condemn Israel’s actions, the United States will use their right to Veto the call.

BÜLENT ARINÇ and HÜSEYİN ÇELİK talk a lot but say very little
With the tragic unfolding of the attacks by Israel, on Tuesday we saw Bülent Arınç and Hüseyin Çelik, who we know that talks a lot by say very little, make a speech. Then the Prime Minister spoke but we at the Turkish Parliament need to get information directly without the emotional interpretation of Mr Erdogan. We support the notion of Turkey going to the United Nations and other International associations. I would like to say that the CHP is continuing politics in an active nature to gather as much information as possible on this matter.

As the CHP, we are ready to help
We are ready to help the government as the main opposition in favor and for the benefits of our country.

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  1. Mr. Erdogan is rapidly driving Turkey into Iran, using the IHH to do just that.

    the rest of the world is concerned that you will become Iran sooner than you think.

    Maybe we need to essable a ship or two with some google working links and sail towards your Istanbul port with our google freedom flotilla. that might help…

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