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Purring-Gate:PM Cameron apologizes to Queen for blasphemous attack / UK News

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The Government's Weekly Cabinet Meeting

David Cameron talked candidly about Queen Elizabeth II, foolishly ran a micro with:. Now Britain’s prime minister has apologized to the monarch: “.  I am embarrassing”

His disparaging remarks about the Queen is the British Prime Minister David Cameron obviously extremely uncomfortable. In any case, they have earned him plenty of bad press. Now comes the contrite apology. “I feel very embarrassed. I’m extremely sorry,” Cameron said in New York.

In a small talk with entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg Cameron had blabbed on Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II have. Using the “No” of the Scots in the independence referendum joy “did not stopped purring”. He was apparently not aware that the microphones were turned on around him.

PM David Cameron had also skipped over the pollsters had predicted for the Referendum in the meantime a leadership of the independence movement. “I have already said, I would prefer to hunt these pollsters and sue them because of my stomach ulcers,” Cameron said, smiling. “It was a very nerve-racking time.”

Last week, the Scots had voted on their independence. In the referendum, a majority of 55.3 percent of the Scots voted to get the more than 300-year-old union with England. Only four of the 32 electoral districts were in favor of independence, including Scotland’s largest city Glasgow and Dundee on the east coast.




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