Reeva Steenkamp Murder Trial in South Africa:Oscar Pistorius should be investigated in Psychiatry / Breaking News

Oscar Pistorius Is Tried For The Murder Of His Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Is Oscar Pistorius unable to blame? In the murder trial of the Paralympics star that should now be clarified. The accused must ensure in a psychiatric institution.

Oscar Pistorius will be examined in a psychiatric facility. The judge ordered Thokozile Masipa at the murder trial of the Paralympics star. This measure would ensure that the accused get a fair trial. “I am convinced that Oscar Pistorius could possibly be to blame incompetent” Masipa said.

The observation in the psychiatric facility should provide information on the criminal responsibility of the accused. How long the stay should last , is still unclear. Recently there was talk of one month. This would prolong the process that should originally due to end in mid-May , again.
Details will give the judge announced next Tuesday . You could imagine that Pistorius will one day patient . This means that each evening he must return home. Pistorius is after payment of a deposit since the end of March 2013 in freedom.

The judge followed with their decision to a request from the prosecutor’s office. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel had demanded on Tuesday an independent expert should consider whether the defendant is fully culpable .

Prosecutor Nel had explained its actions with suspicion , Pistorius could suffer from a mental illness . He wanted to prevent with its request that the accused , if convicted for murder guilty verdict with the argument challenging to have been not fully compos mentis . This backdoor should Pistorius are obviously closed .

Defender Barry Roux had objected , stressing that no one had spoken of insanity or liability inability of the accused in the act . The forensic psychiatrist Merryl Vorster had previously Pistorius certifies an intense anxiety disorder. Nevertheless, he was responsible for his actions . However, his fears may have influenced his actions , the defense witness .

Pistorius must stand trial for murder since the beginning of March. He had his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp shot at night for Valentine’s Day , 2013 by the closed toilet door of his house. Pistorius insists to have them held for a burglar . The prosecution , however, comes from the fact that he has killed the model after an argument.

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