Removing bird droppings: what not to do

Birds don’t always excite motorists. Especially if they find feces on their vehicle. In the event of incorrect behavior, however, there is a risk of major damage. How can this be prevented?

Pflatsch – again a bird has conjured up a more or less large legacy on your car paint. Such is nature. But equanimity would be the wrong reaction now – it’s urgent. Bird droppings must be removed from the car paintwork as quickly as possible – every hour counts.

Permanent damage after a short time

After just a few hours, shadows can remain on the paintwork. And if the bird droppings are not removed for a long time, it can lead to really deep chemical burns. Depending on the damage, experts can often save it by grinding and polishing. If not, it must be repainted. Both are money.

By the way: Sunbeams intensify the harmful effect again. They cause the paint surface to soften and expand. When it gets cooler, it contracts again and lets the dirt adhere firmly.

The stain is there – what to do?

Stains that are still fresh and soft can be rinsed off with running water. For example with a watering can at the gas station. However, a chalky white border often remains. Because the bird droppings usually dry faster on the edges. A soaked soft cloth should soak the area slightly.

If the residues are already harder, it takes more time. The remains are then carefully wiped up with a soft microfiber cloth.

Don’t just wipe away

It is better not to wipe away the bird droppings without moistening them. This can cause scratches that even simple polishing will not remove. Since there can also be solid particles such as sand in the dirt, please do not rub vigorously. Aids such as sponges should be as soft as possible in order to be able to clean the paintwork gently. The covers of headlights and taillights are also often scratch-sensitive.

A little dish soap and water are enough at first. If that doesn’t help, drivers can use special products from car accessories.

If you often have to deal with bird droppings on your car, you can prepare yourself. For example with a spray bottle with water and some soap in the trunk. And with a couple of soft microfiber towels or a crepe roller for wiping. If you also care for the paintwork with hard wax after washing, you make it more resistant to environmental influences and dirt.

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