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Pope Francis delivers his speech at the presidential palace in Tirana

He described acts of violence in the name of God as “inhuman” and “sacrilege”. Pope Francis has condemned religiously motivated violence during a visit to Albania sharp. In view he had while Islamist terror groups.

Pope Francis is gone during his visit to Albania with Islamist terrorists harshly. “No person shall use the name of God to exercise violence,” the pontiff on Sunday in the capital Tirana. “In the name of God to kill, is a grave sacrilege, on behalf of God to discriminate, is inhuman,” the pontiff said in allusion to militias as “Islamic State”. He had thus had the terror of extremists in Syria and Iraq in view, it was called from his company.

Only 15 percent of the approximately three million inhabitants are Albanian Catholics, the vast majority are Muslims. Nevertheless, tens of thousands of people cheered the 77-year-old pontiff during his one-day visit. After the Pope considers Albania “for many countries are a model on which they can orient”. Reason for this model is the coexistence of Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox without major conflicts.

This “precious commodity takes on special importance in our time, in the extremist groups that genuine religious feeling is falsified and distorted the differences between the various confessions and be exploited,” Francis said. Albania “, however, proves that the peaceful and fruitful coexistence of people and communities who belong to different religions, is concretely possible and feasible.”

Pope Francis Albania’s visit: No one can be “behind God hide”

The central message of the pope said in several speeches: “No one should think that he could hide behind God while he is planning acts of violence and assaults and execute”. And further: “Nobody take religion as an excuse for his actions, which are contrary to human dignity and their fundamental rights.” These basic rights are “in the first place the right to life and to freedom of religion of all”.

Situated on the southern Adriatic Sea, Albania was declared in 1967 by the communist authorities for the first atheist country. Until the early nineties, mosques and churches were closed or even destroyed. Clergy and believers were imprisoned and murdered. “Albania is a country that has suffered so much,” Francis said during the outbound flight. The people had but it “managed to find peace between their various religions.” For the world, this was a good sign.

Francis took in Tirana its open popemobile, although there had been speculation about possible assassination attempts by Islamists in advance. He rode in an open jeep through the streets and let the car stop several times to shake hands and bless children. “The Pope feels comfortable and safe,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi Vatican Radio.

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