Rome: Stairs collapse in Globe Theater

Rome, collapse at the Globe Theater: a schoolchild saved. Ten wounded

Moments of fear at the Globe Theater where a staircase of the theater inside Villa Borghese, in Rome, collapsed at the end of a show for schools. Ten wounded. According to information released by the firefighters and the state police, the show had just ended and the boys were exiting when the ladder gave way. The facts are gone and consumed around 13:30.

Ten wounded at collapse the Globe Theater

On the structure there were 15 boys between 16 and 17 years old. According to sources from the Lazio region, seven self-medications and an ambulance went to the scene and rescued a total of 10 injured (5 adults and 5 children) transported to the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital, the Gemelli hospital, San Giovanni, and Pertini. and at the Policlinico Umberto I. To intervene four fire brigade teams with the saf. No one was seriously injured. Rescue and safety operations are underway.

Gualtieri: “There are no serious injuries”

“I was on the phone with the managers of the Globe Theater, the commissioner of the Teatro di Roma, Gianluca Sole and civil protection after the collapse. Apparently there are no serious injuries but only bruises. The commissioner at the Rome theater said that that staircase had been subject to maintenance work. The latest news I received is that there are no serious injuries “, explained the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, before starting the conference ’15 municipi, 15 projects , to the city in 15 minutes’.

Also alerted the councilor for health of the Lazio region, Alessio D’Amato who went to the scene to check the situation of the rescue.

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