Those Who Died at the Lake Were Secret Service Agents

It turned out that there were agents of Italy and Israel on the boat, which sank in a lake in the north of Italy and was stated to be a tourist boat in the first statements.

It turned out that two Italian secret service agents, a retired Israeli security guard and a Russian woman lost their lives on the boat, which capsized in Italy’s Lake Maggiore on Sunday, May 28 and was stated to be a tourist boat in the first statements.

According to the news of Övgü Pınar from BBC Turkish, the Italian press reported that there were about 20 intelligence officers on the boat, which sank after adverse weather conditions. The identities of those who lost their lives in the incident were announced as Claudio Alonzi (62), Tiziana Barnobi (53), Anya Bozhkova (50) and Shimoni Erez (54).

Last Sunday evening, a boat carrying 24 people sank in northern Lake Maggiore, killing 4 people. In the first reports, it was stated that there were tourists celebrating a birthday on the sinking boat “Good…uria”. However, as of last night, news began to appear that those on the boat were intelligence officers.

According to the Italian press, it was determined that the Alonzi-Barnobi couple were in charge of the Italian foreign intelligence service (Aise). Erez was also retired from the Israeli security forces. It was stated that Russian citizen Bozhkova is the wife of the owner of the ship.


The Italian news agency Agi announced for the first time last night that there were intelligence officers on the boat that sank as a capsized. The agency wrote that two of the dead were members of the Italian secret service and that Israeli state officials were also on the boat.

La Repubblica, one of the country’s largest newspapers, also published an article this morning entitled “The mystery of the boat sinking in Lake Maggiore: There were 20 Italian and Israeli intelligence agents on board.” “The tragedy is taken to another dimension: It’s not just a shipwreck and a massacre, because 3 out of 4 victims and 18 out of 19 survivors were not simple Sunday travelers, some were ex-intelligence agents, some still on duty,” the report said. According to the newspaper, 10 survivors of the incident went to Israel on a military plane yesterday morning, while the Italians were “quickly evacuated from the emergency room and their hotels, leaving no trace of their stay here.”


Public broadcaster Rai also stated that Anya Bozhkova, who died, was the wife of the owner of the boat. According to Rai, Bozhkova was living on the sinking boat with her Italian wife, Carlo Carminati. According to reports, the passenger capacity of the sinking boat was 15 people. The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation regarding the sinking of the boat after heavy wind and heavy rain on Sunday evening.

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