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Stock brokers celebrate sale of Nokia’s mobile phone division to Microsoft: The share of the Finnish Group rose temporarily by more than 30 percent – and reached the highest level since one and a half years.

nvestors react enthusiastically to the sale of Nokia’s mobile phone division to Microsoft. In the morning the title of the Finnish telecommunications group have at times to 36.5 percent. The Nokia stock chart showing trading at 4.04 euros, which is the highest level since April 2012.

Microsoft Chart will show to expand its business with smartphones and purchases for a total of 5.4 billion euros, the mobile phone division of Nokia. Is planned to complete the deal is approved by the shareholders and regulatory authorities by the end of March 2014. The Nokia shareholders are selling at a special meeting on 19 November approve.

Analysts were surprised by the business. Both the German Bank Bernstein Research also painted their sell recommendations for Nokia shares. He had actually thought that nobody would dare to an area the size of Nokia’s mobile phone division to buy, the’m in such difficulties, Bernstein wrote about the expert Pierre Ferragu.

From the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer’s perspective, the transaction is, however, very beneficial as this get rid of a problematic division. Left, however, remain a number of interesting assets such as the highly profitable portfolio of patents and the network division Nokia Siemens Network.

The core business has cost around 600 million euros last quarter, said analyst Kai Korschelt by Deutsche Bank. That’s why competition authorities should in his opinion, have no problems with the sale of the mobile phone business to Microsoft.

On the sale of mobile phone division to Microsoft for some time had been speculated. The company had entered into a close partnership in early 2011. Nokia is the largest manufacturer of smartphones using Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

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