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Spanish Matador Jose Tomas gored in Mexico, critical condition

A world famous Spanish matador, who is considered by many to be the best in the world is in critical condition after being gored in the leg by a half ton bull.

Video of Spanish Matador Jose Tomas being gored in Mexico

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Mexico City – Jose Tomas, a Spanish matador who is known for his heroic antics with bulls was in critical condition today after being gored by a half ton angered bull, at Mexican arena which severed his Femoral artery.

Moment, world famous Spanish matador gets critically gored in the thigh severing his feminal artery
Moment, world famous Spanish matador gets critically gored in the thigh severing his Femoral artery

The incident which occurred on Saturday afternoon had the spectators in the arena gasping n surprise and horror as the world famous matador was flung into the air like a toy doll with the bulls horns logged to the inner leg area of Tomas.

The incident which occurred in Mexico, has shocked the Bull fighting community as Tomas is known for his expertise in handling the huge animals.

A hospital spokesman said on Sunday of Tomas’s condition “There has been slight improvement but he’s still in grave condition,”

Another doctor however said “The danger of death has passed, but with these types of gorings, anything can happen,”

The 34-year-old Thomas was so severely gored that an announcement was made at the stadium for blood donations by the crowd as the bull fighter had a rear blood type. The attack by the bull named as Navegante left a six inch gash in the left thigh of the matador who is known for reviving the sport in Spain.

The world famous matador was born in a small town near Madrid, which is also in the heart of Spain’s bull-rearing ranch-land, however he is particularly famous in Mexico where his career took off.

He is so famous in Spain that on Sunday, in an arena in Barcelona, the spectators took a minute silence in honour of the bullfighter.
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