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Strike before the Brazil World Cup start: Police use stun grenades against protesters / FIFA 2014 News


Shortly before kickoff of the World Cup has come to São Paulo skirmishes between police and demonstrators. On top of that strike even the metro staff – just before the opening game threatens to gridlock.

Three days before the start of the World Cup has come to São Paulo to clashes between police and demonstrators. Use forces used stun grenades and tear gas against protesters in front of about 150, report the French news agency AFP and the Brazilian newspaper “O Globo”.

The protesters have early morning supports the ongoing strike days since the subway workers and blocked traffic on a main road from São Paulo with burning trash cans. 13 people were arrested by the police briefly detained.

In the 20-million metropolis of São Paulo hosts the opening match of the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia on Thursday. The economic metropolis threatens sustained traffic chaos just before the whistle for the start of the game. Around 4.5 million people normally use the metro daily. On Monday, the operation time was normal to only two of the five lines, reports “O Globo”.


The subway workers on strike since Monday demanding higher wages. On Sunday a labor court had declared the walkout illegal, the strikers decided nevertheless to continue. Early Monday morning, the continuing for five days recusal of the metro staff has continued. The protesters chanted loudly “No to repression” before the forces of order vorgingen against them.

Just last week there had been a police operation against picketing, thereby batons and tear gas had been used.

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