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Syria Civil War:Rebels capture military airport near Aleppo / Breaking News

Smoke rises during clashes from inside the Menagh airport which, according to the FSA, is partially controlled by Syrian regime forces in Aleppo's countryside

Eight months was fought by the Syrian Air Force Base Minnagh, now it seems the rebels have taken. From there earlier air raids were flown to rebel-held areas.

The Syrian rebels have taken claims to be a military airport near the Turkish border. The Air Force Base Minnagh was completely freed by troops of the dictator Bashar al-Assad, it said in a statement on Tuesday involved rebel groups. Among them was a group with links to al-Qaeda.

Since about eight months, the insurgents had fought to Minnagh to prevent air attacks on territories occupied by them.

A representative of the opposition said that about 70 soldiers had been still entrenched in the command center of the airport. They had been destroyed when a suicide bomber had directed an armored car into the building on Monday. Most of the soldiers had been killed. More fled into tanks, one of which had been destroyed.

The airport is located north of Aleppo on the road to the Turkish city of Gaziantep. For the rebels taking is an important victory, because they suffered several defeats in the fight against Assad in recent months. According to the opposition government troops had tried in July to avoid using Hezbollah fighters of Aleppo from the ingestion of the airport. But the rebels had received new weapons like rocket launchers.

Also, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the rebels had taken the Airport. According to her, there were a jihadist fighter group and other opposition groups.

On Monday, a man blew himself up in the air in a military vehicle at the entrance of the headquarters of Minnagh basis, according to the Observatory. Then armed insurgents had destroyed several military vehicles, soldiers and officers killed and taken control of the complex, said the organization whose details are difficult to check independently.

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