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Turkey Syria Relations: Syria suspends imports from Turkey / Syria News

Syria Turkey relations also hit rock bottom
Syria Turkey relations also hit rock bottom

Syrian authorities declared Friday the ban of all imports from Turkey after Sept. 25 based on Prime Minister Adil Safar’s order following the announcements of Turkish Government on Syria. Syria News

Syrian regimes’ decision also nullifies the agreement to import goods from Turkey to Syria worth $1.152 billion million.

The Turkish Economy Ministry confirmed with Syrian authorities the complete abortion of trade between the two countries, after Turkey repeatedly declared Syrian tyrant Assad’s reign should come to an end. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country’s “patience has ended” due to developments in Syria, calling on President Bashar al-Assad to stop the violence in the country and resign.

Syria Turkey relations also hit rock bottom

Syrian Presidential Advisor Buseyna Shaaban gave Ankara an ultimatum of “strong response” if Turkey accuses Syria of violence against demonstrators, which Syria uses extensively.

The EU announced its intention to carry out a new package of sanctions against Syria last week. New sanctions include a ban on investment toward Syria’s oil sector, international bank lending provisions, acquisition and expansion of a stake in Syrian companies, as well as the joint venture.

Syria Protests : Death Toll is rising, Assad the Tyrant hides numbers

Mass protests in Syria began in March in Dera’a, the country’s south, then spreading to other regions,  as a result from the ‘Arab Spring’. According to Syria’s Presidential Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban, 1,400 people died. Half of those dead were members of the army and security forces. According to the UN, there are 3,600 people dead.

The opposition is demanding the resignation of Syria’s Tyrant President Asad and seeking political reforms. The regime’s opponents have formed a Transitional National Council to form an oppositional body of power. Political forces of the Western countries are expected to play a vital role in this.

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