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Kobane Crisis: Several killed Kurdish protests in Turkey / Breaking News


The anger runs out on the street: Because the Turkish government does not intervene in the struggle for Kobane, Kurds have demonstrated nationwide. When riots at least 14 people were killed.

To the Syrian-Turkish border town Kobane rage for days fighting between IS militias and Kurdish fighters, the jihadists are about to conquer. The Turkish army does not intervene – in protest Kurds in several cities across the country took to the streets, while there were riots – at least 14 people were killed.

In several provinces of Turkey a curfew was imposed, reports the newspaper “Hürriyet”. In Ankara, the police have used tear gas against demonstrators and water cannons.

In the southeastern city of Diyarbakir, according to the news agency AFP five people were killed in an exchange of fire between protestors and Islamist groups. A police car, other cars, shops and government buildings were set on fire or otherwise damaged. At least three deaths were reported from Mardin, Siirt in two and one each from the cities Batman and Mus.

Kobane Riot Turkey:Protests across Europe


The Turkish Parliament had the government in Ankara on Thursday issued a mandate to use military force against terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. This is not directed specifically against the IS, but also against Kurdish groups such as the PKK, which are classified by Turkey as terrorists. Previously stationed at the border Turkish troops did not intervene in the fighting.

The organizer of the defense of Kobane, Ismet Hassan, told the news agency dpa, only a few civilians were in Kobane (Arabic: Ain al-Arab) remained. The Kurds had captured several SUVs with fitted machine guns. According to the Syrian human rights observers more than 400 people have been since the beginning of the IS offensive three weeks ago killed – mostly fighters from both sides.

Kobane is the last bastion in an enclave that was previously controlled by the Kurdish people protection units. IS-jihadists have taken there since September, more than 300 villages, 185,000 people fled to Turkey.

Given the desperate situation in Kobane thousands of people took to the streets in Europe. In some cities, Kurdish protesters and their supporters procured access to public buildings such as houses or radio parliaments. Demonstrations were among others in The Hague, Brussels, Paris, Strasbourg, Basel and Vienna, and in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Münster, Frankfurt / Main and Stuttgart. Some protesters carried banners left extremist organizations and pictures of jailed PKK in Turkey earlier chief Abdullah Ocalan.

In Iraq the first time Dutch warplanes bombed IS vehicles, such as the Ministry of Defence in The Hague announced. The Netherlands contributes with six combat aircraft at the air war of the USA against the Sunnitenmiliz, but not in Syria, but only in Iraq.

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