Theresa May Says ‘Enough is Enough’ After London Attack

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday the U.K. would review its anti-terrorism strategy in the wake of Saturday night’s terror attack that left seven people dead and 48 others injured.

May’s statement came following a high-level security meeting, also known as COBRA, in the capital.

“It is time to say enough is enough,” May said.

A police statement later said 12 suspects had been arrested after raids were carried out in Barking, East London, in connection with last night’s incidents. “Searches of a number of addresses in Barking are continuing,” it added. Local media reported that raids and searches also continued in East Ham area.

At least seven people were killed in attacks late Saturday that involved a van mowing down pedestrians on London Bridge; assailants also stabbed victims at nearby Borough Market; 21 injured are in critical conditions, according to health officials.

May said: “Last night, our country fell victim to a brutal terrorist attack once again… Shortly before 10:10 yesterday evening, the Metropolitan Police received reports that a white van had struck pedestrians on London Bridge.

“It continued to drive from London Bridge to Borough Market, where 3 terrorists left the van and attacked innocent and unarmed civilians with blades and knives.

“All 3 were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests, but the police have established that this clothing was fake and worn only to spread panic and fear.”

The premier also confirmed the death toll. “Seven people have died as a result of the attack, in addition to the 3 suspects shot dead by the police,” she said. A later police statement said 8 armed officers shot the assailants dead with 50 bullets.

“As the officers confronted the terrorist, a member of the public also suffered gunshot wounds. Although the injuries are not critical in nature,” police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said in a statement.

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