Over 300 alleged Ndrangheta Mafia members arrested in Calabria Italy

It has been reported that an estimated 300 alleged mafia members have been arrested in a police crackdown in Italy.

Italian police arrested over 300 alleged members of the Ndrangheta crime syndicate.

The police are alleged to be working to bring down the ‘Ndrangheta’, the most powerful and ruthless crime syndicates in Calabria southern Italy.

According to Police sources, the arrested were being charged for murder, arms offences, trafficking, mafia association, extortion and other crimes.

Italian police also reported the operations on the members of the crime organization is the largest of it’s kind in recent years and that over 3,000 police were involved in the raids in Calabria.

There were also reports that several other locations more in the North of Italy were also raided and arrests were made.

According to an Italian private institute, the ‘Ndrangheta’ crime organization are worth somewhere in the region of €44 billion through arms deals, drugs trafficking, extortion and prostitution.

Ndrangheta, along with Camorra, Cosa Nostra and Sacra Corona make the four largest crime syndicates in Italy and are alleged to be responsible for at least a thousand deaths in recent decades.

The combined wealth of the organizations are thought to be in the hundreds of billions of Euros.

The latest crackdown on Organized crime syndicates and families comes just two days after one of Italy’s most renowned Mafia Bosses, Elio Amato who was in the most 100 dangerous wanted list in Italy was arrested along with his nephew thought to be a hitman for the crime boss.

Amato is alleged to be the boos of the Amato-Pagano clan who suspected of having participated in drug trafficking activities

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