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Top 10 countries that Turkish travelers want to visit

maldivesA survey has revealed that Turkish vacationers prefer the United States as their holiday destination.

According to the survey, conducted by DORinsight, a Turkish research and analyst company, 11.6 percent of the participants choose the U.S. as their preferred vacation spot, followed by Italy for 10.4 percent, the Maldives for 6.1 percent and Spain for 5.6 percent of them.

More than 8,000 people responded to the survey, which also showed that Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Algeria were the least favored destinations for Turkish travelers.

In addition, 46 percent also said that they determined their holiday destinations according to their natural beauty. And, while 24 percent choose “the most recommended” places, 23 percent favor the more affordable holiday resort (Anadolu Agency).

Here are the top 10 countries that Turkish travelers want to visit:

U.S. 11.6%
Italy 10.4
The Maldives 6.1
Spain 5.6
France 5
Germany 4.1
Japan 3.8
Brazil 3
Australia 2.8
Netherlands 2.6

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