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Turkish scientist invents submarine detection device

A new device for locating submarines in emergency situations, developed at a Turkish university, is now in use in a Turkish-built sub, said the driving force behind the project.

The device, developed by a team led by Sedat Alkoy, an engineering and materials expert at Gebze Technical University in northwestern Turkey, can be used both for defense such as sonar systems, and for civilian purposes such as medical screening, fisheries, and undersea petroleum and fault line exploration.

The locally produced device, which took a year-and-a-half to develop, also contributes to the country’s economy.

The sonar beacon system was developed in collaboration with Aksoy’s ENS Piezo-devices company and Koc Information and Defense Technologies, a major Turkish software and tech firm.

It is being used on the Pirireis, the first specimen of Turkey’s New Type Submarine Project.

Alkoy told Anadolu Agency that he worked on the submarine acoustics and piezo-electric ceramics systems.

“While this project was being developed, some of the submarine systems were locally produced in Turkey. We told a contractor that we would produce the sonar beacon system,” he said.

“This is a system that would give the submarine’s location if something goes wrong. We wouldn’t want it to be necessary, but it’s a very critical one if needed.”

He added, “We tested our prototypes in terms of their depth, pressure, shock, and environmental conditions. Then we started producing them. The first system was used on the Pirireis, and other submarines will follow.”

He also said: “We produce the device and the sensor parts, and Koc Information and Defense Technologies makes the electronics and software. It’s very important that we locally produce such a critical military device.”

Alkoy also said the system has attracted attention from abroad. “We’re currently in negotiations with Pakistan’s navy. Koc Information and Defense Technologies attends tech fairs abroad. They also say our system is getting attention.”


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