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Bird from Israel:Turks introduced hawks under suspicion of espionage / Strange News

Turkey Bird Spy

The suspicion:Spying for Israel.  The evidence: a ring engraved with “24311 Tel Aviv, Israel Unia”. In a Turkish village that was enough to set a hawk and handed over to the authorities. This was followed by intensive medical examinations of the bird of prey.

“Tel Aviv 24311 Israel Unia” – the font in the ring of a wild hawk made ​​the villagers of Altinavya deeply suspicious. An Israeli bird of prey about Turkey? This could only be spying that! They handed over the animal to the authorities in the province of Elazig, as Turkish media report. And also found the whole thing so suspicious that they turned on the University for further studies.

Relations between Turkey and Israel are strained. Especially since the attack Israeli soldiers in May 2010 on the cargo ship “Mavi Marmara”. The ship was owned by a Turkish aid organization, but sailed under the flag of the island nation of Comoros. This eight Turks and one Turkish-American were killed.

Israel has now agreed to a compensation payment to the families of the victims and an apology. Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, this is not enough, as he said in the past week.

The hawk had therefore made ​​dangerous times on the way: In the animal hospital of the University was in his recording papers – the bird “Israeli spy” stated X-rayed and examined for microchips and other listening devices – perhaps ironically. This was reported by the newspaper “Milliyet”, which published an X-ray image of the falcon headed “Israeli agent” on its front page.

The investigation remained without finding, as the authorities said. There was no indication that the bird would transfer information back to the Jewish state. The guides had no other function than to be able to understand the routes of bird of prey. The hawk was released by the Turkish authorities to freedom. He is now back outlaws.

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