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US, Israel analyze plans for preventive war on Iran

Iran Nuclear Threat : Us and Israel in pre-war talks
Iran Nuclear Threat : Us and Israel in pre-war talks

The United States and Israel have intensified analysis on the Iranian nuclear program over the past month and the possibility of a preventive attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities is discussed in detail.

Washington / NationalTurk – Barack Obama led Washington Government tries to convince Israeli Government in Tel Aviv a military attack on Iran can be launched if Iran crosses “certain red lines” regarding an alleged development of nuclear weapons.

Political analysts indicate that a military aggression against Iran would be justified if Tehran should expel the international nuclear weapons inspectors, develope enrichment of uranium above 90 %, or install hi-tech centrifuges in its main nuclear fuel processing plant in Qom.

Iran Nuclear Threat : Us and Israel in pre-war talks

The progress in the new Iranian nuclear facilities would be a key factor when evaluating the U.S. decision to use force, said Mateo Kroenig, who worked as a special advisor on Iran at the Pentagon from July 2010 to July 2011.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was annoyed with the U.S. after Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta warned in early December about the costs of attacking Iran and considered the military aggression as the last option to solve the conflict of Iran Nuclear Threat.

The US administration of President Barack Obama is forced to intensify talks with Israeli authorities on the Iranian nuclear threat issue.

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